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Health & Wellness Program

Students at rally

Mountain View High School engages students and parents in a variety of activities and educational outreach to increase awareness and education by encouraging healthy choices so that risk behaviors are prevented, reduced or stopped. Through the High School Health and Wellness Program Grant, presented by the Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family, MVHS provides a variety of small groups, classroom curriculum, assemblies, and engaging activities to support our school and community in creating a healthy and drug-free learning environment for the success of students.

Teen Maze:

Teen Maze, conducted annually in collaboration with the Marana Prevention Alliance, is a 30-minute interactive event in which 10th grade students learn about potential consequences of youth substance use. Students begin Teen Maze with a simulated party. As they navigate through the maze, each student is given a decision-making scenario about an unhealthy choice that a teen might make at a party. Each scenario emphasizes non-fatal, unintended consequences of using alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. A variety of community volunteers from the medical, law enforcement, and legal fields process the experience with students through discussions regarding these scenarios and consequences, how their decisions affect them, their friends and their family, what they could do differently, and how they can make positive choices for their future. This exceptional program engages students in learning problem-solving skills, responsibility, and accountability, in order to make healthy choices that will positively impact their life and the lives of those around them.

BreakDown Tucson Performance:

BreakDown is a group of local teens who bring a powerful, dynamic 60-minute performance created to educate, inspire, and challenge young people to make healthy choices for their futures. Through drama, dance, spoken word and video, they tell real-life stories to promote personal health and well-being, and healthy lifestyles. This peer to peer interaction along with cutting edge lighting and sound creates a life-altering experience to educate 11th grade students and parents about issues that young people deal with today. BreakDown Tucson aligns with Arizona Dept. of Education State Standards for Health.